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25 February 2008 @ 11:28 pm
Before i go to bed, something I (and the rest of the family) found hilarious:

Me: Good day old chap. I hope your meal today was capital!
Barry: It certainly was old chum. And i'll tell you another thing. They say capital in the play! How bright you are

Real update and things replied to tomorrow when I won't have to go to bed so early and have an English test the next day.
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06 February 2008 @ 12:38 am
Guess who is going to be falling asleep throughout the Abbey Service tomorrow morning?

Oh Miss Stacey is a cow.
02 February 2008 @ 12:59 am
Just a little while ago there were ALL these sirens and I thought it was just police cars on a chase, but somewhere extremely near to my house, they stopped and I forgot about it.

But just now I heard dad opening the door and wondered what was going on, so went to find out and there's been a fire at number 13 :o I live at number 24 so, 9 doors down, and we went to dinner at number 16 this evening, got back under 2 hours ago!

We went out to see and there were FOUR fire engines and about three police cars :o By the time I got out they had put the fire out but when dad went out the first time it was still going, so we went into the road to look but then we realised that we were closer than the line said so went to the other side and we saw 2 of the people who had been in the house wearing dressing gowns talking to a police man. Then we started talking to their next door neighbour who we slightly know who had been the second one to ring 999 and she said that there had been an explosion too :o

There was a fireman running down the road and then I realised that my friend was standing in her doorway so went over to talk to her and my other friends (who had been having a sleepover and not invited me, I problie would have said no anyway, but still!) and briefly lost dad. Then when dad came back we saw that yet another fire engine had arrived and an ambulance and 2 men had been pulled out of the building! We saw them having gas masks put on and everything. Then we got really cold and came back in but you can still here all the engines buzzing out there and like half the street are out there watching.

Just a bit of a shock really! :o

And it's reminded me that I'd quite like to be a fireman!
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29 December 2007 @ 05:04 pm
Aha finally dressed!

Family coming round soon. Should be here now actually.

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21 November 2007 @ 11:03 pm
Goodness, that England match was a gutter. :(

I reckon I should become England manager.

And I have decided to support Spain as my fall-back team. (Hoping Ruth will do the same so then we can be like 'ooooh spain! omgosh what now?')

Anything eaten just before or during a football match is disqualified as the calories are burnt through the stress of it.

I've managed to do the impossibly impossible English hw. Tomorrow I'm meeting Vienna at 8:15 and we will edit eachother's, ooh we are smart. Still over, got it down to 4124 but then added in another paragraph adding it up to 4373.

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02 November 2007 @ 07:26 pm
Oh dear.

Tom just took my last chip so I threw a cup of water over him.

Mum's face was a picture.
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24 October 2007 @ 11:03 am
Last night's conversation.

Tom: I bet my thumb is bigger than Rosa's wrists
Me: Oh, as if!
Tom: Ok then, both of my thumbs.

Later on mum measured them and the circumfrence of Tom's thumbs is 4 and a half inches, and the circumfrence of my wrist is 5 and a half inches.

I won I won I won! Altho he still thinks he did, crazy boy.
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24 September 2007 @ 09:09 pm
Oh I am SO pleased with my January exam timetable!

Mechanics: Friday 11th, AM

History: Friday 11th, PM
that's my largest clash of all and there'll be a 2 hour break in between them in which I can revise in too, and then it's 2 subjects out of the way, maths forever and history until June!

Spanish: Tuesday 15th, PM
3 hours of constant Spanish which is a bit :/ but it's way better than it was last year, with Spanish AND History on the same day, and it's guaranteed we will have done more than 2 class listenings this time round

Pride and Prejudice: Wednesday 16th, AM

Scary horrid English exam: Wednesday 30th, PM
meaning I have 2 weeks of no other subjects to revise that, yessss!!!!

:D :D :D :D
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16 July 2007 @ 09:22 pm
*Monday- picked up sixth form hoody, got some school books and four cds out of the library. Bought 2 cds.

*Tuesday- meeting Chanel at Hammersmith and then going to Tasha's picnic if it's still on

*Wednesday- as of yet, nothing, something will be planned however to fill that hole meeting Emmy late morning in MK

*Thursday- meeting Farah at 11:30 at Waterloo, HP5 in the evening with Lara

*Friday- Farhana's picnic, Ruth and my birthday party!

*Saturday- Harry Potter day, Mike's birthday bbq

*Sunday- strawberry picking, MY BIRTHDAY!

:D :D :D
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06 July 2007 @ 05:35 pm

Hi Bern,

Just to prove that Rosa will be hard at work while she's here, here's her itinerary! So she'd best get her eating and partying boots on and bring expanding clothes! Actually would you send her with a larger suitcase, so I can send a few clothes back with her, rather than paying excess baggage when I come over 5 days later!? Also, she may need room if she gets anything new whilst here - the sales are on and Cannes has fab shops!

I can't find her e-mail anywhere, so would you e-mail this onto pink pasta rules at whatever server she's on - and if you could ensure that stef gets her to the airport 2 hours before cos the way security is, she'll miss the flight if she's not early and speedy to get airside...

Hope she can cope with flying alone! I'll meet her at the Terminal where she comes out. She just has to wait for her bag and as she comes through the exit, i'll be waiting. If she has a problem/is worried/lost, tell her to text me on my normal English mobile number - i'll have it with me!

Speak soon,


Wed 11th July 6, 2007
arr. Cannes noon – drive to Maema Beach, book dinner for 7.30pm on Thursday.
12.30 Lunch at Carlton Beach
14.30-15.00 check into 3.14 hotel
15.00-17.30 shopping/hotel visit
18.30 drinks at C-Beach
19.30 cocktails at Via Notte/Le Must/Le Living Room
21.00 dinner at Palm Beach Club
23.30 clubbing at Palm Beach Club
later return to 3.14

Thursday 12 July
10.30am breakfast. Lounge by pool
13.00 Lunch at L’Annexe/check Vegaluna
15.00-17.30 shopping/relaxing
18.30 drinks at 3.14 bar/Z-Plage
19.30 dinner/clubbing at Maema Beach
22.00 cocktails at any of bars missed last night/Le Choco/Pavillion Croisette
(before Grand Hotel)
23.30/midnight dancing at Le Palais nightclub.

Friday 13 July 6, 2007
10.30 breakfast – lounge by pool
Noon – checkout
13.00 Lunch anywhere we’ve missed
15.00 drive back to Vence
Get Rosa to airport by 20.00

Cocktails for Rosa will be non-alcoholic ones!!

Ahh I cannot wait for work shadowing!
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